FX’s Show “You’re the Worst” has successfully portrayed a modern war vet in a sitcom.  The show is in its third season and has lightly touched on the character Edgar’s PTSD.  The episode “Twenty-Two” is fully focused on Edgar’s view of the world and his daily dealings of PTSD.  It was titled “Twenty-Two” based on the current statistic of the daily average of soliders & veterants that commit suicide.  They simulate a veterans perspective by repeating some of the situations from the previous episode showing how he saw his friends and zoned out from certain happenings.  This character though out the show, is a modern representation ofRead More →

Be sure to check out Recoil’s in depth review on the Stand Your Ground Jean in their EDC: 10 Things for Every Day Christmas blog post. http://www.recoilweb.com/edc-every-day-christmas-119566.html Try the SYG for  yourself and make sure to leave your full review on the product page! TD Stand Your Ground Jean      Read More →

Contributor- Chad Ray If you’re going to be prepared by carrying a firearm, knife or other defense implement with you, why not be prepared with some good clothing as well?  I don’t mean go straight cargo pants or camouflage gear, I just mean wear clothing that’s going to allow you some dynamic movement and allow for functional use in a worst-case scenario. I once taught a course where we talked to the students about casual, non-tactical dress to conduct daily business.  This clothing needed to be capable of handling a tactical scenario, but not look tactical.  Ultimately we always ended up with some students lookingRead More →

I found this Tactical gem in the crease of my Chipotle bag.  It caught my eye especially because I feel like I do not see much art or illustration of the current military in day to day life. Then I read the story and it was intriguing as well.  I researched this concept and learned about Chipotle’s Cultivating Thought” Essay Contest for middle and high school students, offering each of 10 winners a $20,000 scholarship.  They used the chosen works as inspiration and content for their bags, cups & marketing materials. This particular story was about a family of refugees story having their last meal before they were comingRead More →

  Tough, durable and just short of bullet proof are words to use when describing the Braddock Pant. We needed a Fall/Winter weight pant to round out the TD pant line and so we developed the Braddock.  Made from a 16 oz Cotton Canvas that you can run through tough brush or hit the deck and not be concerned with tearing.  Because our customer is on the move and doing tactical sh*t we added 2 way stretch panels in all the right places, back yolk, gusset and the knee area. This allows the user to move freely yet still have plenty of warmth and protection.Read More →

TD is pleased to announce that we were hand selected to launch the Atlas 8 Dry Fire Laser Training Target System. We have been working with Salted Earth to launch this new innovative product. There is nothing on the market that has the capabilities and diversity that the Atlas 8 has. Whether you are a civilian that wants to train more or in a familiar surrounding or you are an officer that needs to run scenario based training exercises Atlas 8 will work. The Atlas 8 target, is a robust real time dry fire target that gives the user instant feedback. It has a ruggedRead More →