TD is pleased to announce that we were hand selected to launch the Atlas 8 Dry Fire Laser Training Target System. We have been working with Salted Earth to launch this new innovative product. There is nothing on the market that has the capabilities and diversity that the Atlas 8 has. Whether you are a civilian that wants to train more or in a familiar surrounding or you are an officer that needs to run scenario based training exercises Atlas 8 will work. The Atlas 8 target, is a robust real time dry fire target that gives the user instant feedback. It has a ruggedRead More →


Review | TD Neptune Pants Review Video (Tactical Distributors) Todd Via of Via Outdoors TD NEPTUNE PANTS*: http://www.tacticaldistributors.com/p… *SIZING TIP: I wear a size 34W and I required a size 36W in the Neptune Pants for a comfortable fit. The Carlos Ray Pants 2.0 are true to size. This is going to be the first video of a two-part series on a couple of pants from Tactical Distributors. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of each. In the first video I am going to review the newest member of the Neptune Family, the Neptune Pant. In the second video we are goingRead More →


Here is the process of selecting a pistol range bag the works for your needs… I have been shooting for years and invested in many different types of range bags. Based on trial and error, I found a good system that works for me in a variety of training situations. What is your purpose? I treat my gear like I do with my training. Purpose driven. I think through the different scenarios and gear I may need for evolving my training and skills. I have witnessed many guys roll their Large bags and cases through the range with everything they need to start a small war. I don’tRead More →


Any of our footwear and higher priced items that are tagged with the “Free Returns” badge. It allows you pull the trigger on a new pair of boots or what have you, and not worry about fit  because we take the head ache out of having to deal with traditional returns and footing the bill for shipping. (pun intended)Read More →